In Memory

The lives of these wonderful goats were cut short on May 8, 2016.  On this tragic day, a young lady crossed into my lane and destroyed my trailer, killing Essence of Bohemian on impact. 

Thank you to the Idaho State Trooper who put down Essence of Cabana. 

Thank you to Donna and Terry for coming to Idaho and picking myself up and Essence of Tropicana.
Thanks to Donna, Tropicana was cared for until her end.  Tropicana suffered a broken pelvis in 2 places.  Essence of Bohemian had just placed 11 in a class of 32 at the Boers de Mayo show in New Plymouth, Idaho.  She was 3 days into her 3-6 month class.  Her and her dam and sister show careers were just beginning.

Tropi, Bohemian and Cabana will always be in my heart........................






Nancy Barlas

Petaluma, CA,  94952